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Millsons Of London Ltd is a company incoporated in the United Kingdom.
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Having been active in the industry since the 1980s, the founders of this brand contribute a rich reservoir of knowledge and expertise. Collaborating with a British design house of industry experts with over 45 years of collective experience, they have meticulously crafted a brand that showcases affordable luxury.

What we stand for

Amanah, meaning trust, embodies the shared responsibility of nurturing children for the benefit of humanity. Amana's mission is to craft stylish and functional products that support great parenting.

Our ethos

We want to enable the highest level of care for babies by providing the most useful and thoughtfully designed products. We want parents to be the best parents they can possibly be (and look their best doing it).

From conception to reality

Great things don't happen overnight. Creating products that can rival the most expensive luxury brands yet still remain affordable for the average parent was a challenge - but one that we thrived in.

Years in the making, for all the years ahead

Amana is the collective brainchild of industry experts, parents, and a contemporary British design house - a team united in the vision to create amazing baby products that elevate the parenting experience.

One baby step at a time

Every product we offer is the outcome of time, effort, and painstaking attention to detail. Each is designed and tested (and redesigned and retested) until we are certain that it is safe, effective, durable, and will be a delight to use for every parent and every child.